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Our agritourism is located at the core of Bolgheri’s countryside, between the sea, and the hills and valleys of the Ferruggini locality. This name, which includes the word for iron (ferro), originated from the Etruscans, who were expert blacksmiths. Our farm was built in the 1950’s with natural materials produced in Bolgheri’s furnaces. The vineyards of the Ferruggini agritourism are of the highest controlled quality (so-called DOC) and produce the Bolgheri Red (Rosso di Bolgheri) wine. The secular olive trees yield oil of premier IGP quality. One of our family traditions is barbecuing. Red and white meats, fish, and local vegetables of our own production are cooked in our large chimney or on the old brazier built by grandfather Enrico Frollani, and enjoyed together with our best wines. In the close future, we are planning to add a small play yard for children, and a swimming pool with a solarium. If you want to start your day hiking or biking, Bolgheri’s historical avenue is within five minutes. If on the other hand you are looking for relaxation, please head towards the sea, which was awarded the blue flag for its cleanness. And in the summer evenings, all the surrounding towns feature outdoor shows under the stars.